Sunplay is an outdoor sunscreen line researched and developed by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Japan and The Mentholatum Co. Our fuss-free, effective solutions are born from Mentholatum’s 126-year expertise in skin care and optimised through Japanese technology, giving you ultimate sun protection that is safe, toxic-free and lightweight.


Heritage in pharmaceuticals and skincare leads authenticity and credibility to our position as experts in sun protection

Technology such as Solarex 3, Triple Action UV Shield, Dry Keep Powder, Double Silky Powder reassure on our efficacy

Experience the lightweight feel, efficient application and fast adsorption as proof of our high quality, efficacious products


Our Range of Products

Sunplay Outdoor Range

Sunplay’s Outdoor Range offers superior sun protection that’s also lightweight and water-resistant, giving you the freedom to embrace the sun without any worries about harmful UV exposure. Suitable to use on both face and body.
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Sunplay Daily Range

Sunplay’s Daily Range offers daily sun protection with watery light texture that spreads and absorbs easily for an invisible and non-greasy feel.
Infused with Hyaluronic Acid (HA) to hydrate your skin throughout the day, it is suitable to use as a make up base.
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