We are expert healers. For 128 years, Mentholatum has been driven by an original, founding mission: to heal and effectively restore skin back to its natural beauty.

Today the same is true. At the center of our Lip Care Solutions is a heritage skin healing ingredient, advanced by a deepening understanding of skin health and science. Lip care is Skin care. We understand the key to beautiful skin comes from daily nourishment and moisture; care is an everyday process, not only when your lips are in desperate need of rescue and healing.

We know you’re on-the-go and ever-stressed. The process is simple; it’s realistic. With a swipe of balm, from AM to PM, our regime is guaranteed to renew and revitalise your lips back to its original perfection, to maintain smooth, soft and supple lips, and to add a natural vitality through a bloom of colour.

With our heritage and expertise in healing, we champion the everyday health and care of your lips; to treat, protect and enhance your natural beauty.